Oktoberfest is a folk festival which features music, carnival rides, food and beer in a 16 day long extravaganza which is fun for the whole family. The festival takes place in an area named Theresienwiese, which means field or meadow in German. This term is commonly shortened to wiesn, hence why you may see the festival referred to as the Wiesn. This meadow is located near the center of Munich and is covered with carnival rides, games, and stalls with traditional food which is a tribute to Bavarian culture. Each year there are over six million visitors to this festival. One of the aspects which attract the most attention is the Beer Tents – there are fourteen large tents and twenty small tents at Oktoberfest. Only beer meeting the standards for Bavarian Purity Requirements and brewed within the city limits of Munich can be served there with the only ingredients used in production of beer are water, barley, and hops.

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