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Is Oktoberfest a Free Event?

Anyone can enter the Oktoberfest grounds and tent admission is free. Oktoberfest is the largest public festival in the world. Serving over 400,000 people each day, the festival has only 1 seat for every 4.5 people.  Food and beverage service is available only to those with a seat.

Because most large tents reach maximum capacity early in the day, admission becomes limited to only purchased reservation holders. Tent seating is in high demand and therefore sells out quickly. Weekends and Opening Day may be sold out years in advance or limited to regular patrons and celebrities.

Purchasing a reservation eliminates standing in long lines and the risk of waiting for hours, only to be denied admission due to capacity issues.  Through our connections on the secondary market, Empire Entertainment and Travel has created access to festival seat reservations to all.

Reservations are highly recommended.  Don’t be left outside.  Secure your seat reservations before you head to Munich.

When is Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest occurs in the months of September and October. The Festival starts at noon with tapping of the first keg in the Schottenhammel tent by the mayor of Munich

Oktoberfest 2018: September 22nd, 2018   – October 7th, 2018

Oktoberfest 2019: September 21st. 2019   – October 6th, 2019

 Oktoberfest 2020: September 19th, 2020 – October 4th, 2020

Oktoberfest 2021: September 18th  – Sunday, October 3rd

Oktoberfest 2022: Saturday, September 17th  – Monday, October 3rd, extended

Oktoberfest 2023: Saturday, September 16th – Tuesday, October 3rd, extended

Oktoberfest 2024: Saturday, September 21st – Sunday October 6th

Oktoberfest 2025: Saturday September 20th – Sunday October 5th

Oktoberfest 2026: Saturday September 19th – Sunday October 4th

Oktoberfest 2027: Saturday September 18th – Sunday October 3rd

Oktoberfest 2028: Saturday September 16th – Tuesday October 3rd, extended

Why would I want a table reservation at Oktoberfest?

If you do not have a reservation in a tent, be prepared to wait and to be patient. Generally, some of the tents begin queuing from lunch time on weekdays, and on weekends these lines begin early morning. Reservations are not compulsory, but we highly recommend it. If you do not have a seat at a tent you will not be served and will be unable to drink.

What is included in a table reservation?

You will receive an invoice from us with you and/ or your company’s name on it. This invoice will detail the price for your table reservations. Each reservation includes vouchers for 2 containers of beer and a plate of food, generally a half a chicken per person. The prices for these tables are based on market demand.

How many people can be seated at a table?

Generally, most table seat ten people and that is how most reseravations are sold as a complete table. If you are looking for a smaller group, please make a point to inquire and we will let you know of the availability.

How do I purchase Oktoberfest Tent Reservations?

We offer reservations in all large Oktoberfest tents according to availability. Click on the desired package and the Buy button to add  seats to your Shopping Cart. You may also book by telephone by calling Empire Entertainment and Travel at (US Toll Free) 877-265-3600 (+1-404-846-8466).  Purchasing Oktoberfest reservations is completely secure and guaranteed with Empire Entertainment andTravel’s Ticket Assure Protection Guarantee.  

How will I get my Oktoberfest Reservation Voucher?

Reservation vouchers will either be shipped to you, delivered to your Munich hotel or you can meet one of our representatives in Munich (Meet & Greet).

Meet & Greet Information:

Some tent reservation vouchers can only be delivered via Meet & Greet in Munich. We will need your travel information including arrival dates, cell phone number and hotel address in Germany in order to arrange your Meet & Greet appointment.  This includes delivering to your hotel prior to your arrival.  There is no additional charge for Meet and Greet fulfillment.

Shipping Information:

If you have ordered reservations ahead of time (before the reservation date) and we have the vouchers in hand, we will ship via UPS within the US. If you have already departed for Germany, we can arrange a shipment via UPS International to your hotel address.  Our standard UPS rates will be charged to your account with your prior approval.

How can I pay for my Reservation?

We accept several methods of payment to accommodate your needs including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

Why do I need to fill out a Credit Card Authorization Form?

For your protection there are a number of circumstances in which the submission of such paperwork may be necessary. Reasons why we may require authorization include but are not limited to:

  • The billing address has been incorrectly entered.
  • The order is over a certain dollar figure.
  • The tickets are shipping to a location other than the billing address.
  • The billing address is international and/or not recognized by our credit card processor.
  • The tickets cannot ship via FedEx and thus a signature cannot be obtained upon delivery. This scenario occurs most frequently for same day orders and orders for Paperless tickets.

We require authorization paper work to ensure the credit card holder is also the person placing the order. The Credit Card Authorization Form will require the customer’s signature and a copy of the front and back of the credit card. The total of the order should also be listed along with a copy of government issued identification. You may fax the completed form to 404-467-0937 or reply to the original email address the form was sent from.

If asked to complete an authorization form, please note that the tickets are not on hold and the order will not be processed until the form is completed and approved by our fraud prevention team. For this reason, please make every attempt to complete the form in a timely manner to ensure that tickets do not become unavailable.

How will I receive an invoice for my order?

We can send your invoice to you via either email or fax depending on your preference. We will follow up this invoice with an additional information sheet in which we will ask you to fill out detailing your hotel information, cell phone, email contact and arrival date and time in Munich. This will allow us to better serve you as the event draws closer and ensure you have all the knowledge you need for admittance to Oktoberfest.

Why am I being asked to provide copies of my credit card and government issued photo ID? Is this safe?

For your protection we require copies of these documents to ensure that the credit card holder is in fact authorizing the transaction. Empire Tickets protects customer’s privacy with rigorous security measures. The form may only be accessed by fraud prevention management to aid in the resolution of credit card disputes or other similarly urgent situations.

How do I pay at Oktoberfest?

Please bring enough cash. Credit cards are not accepted at most tents. There are no open tabs within the tent. You must pay as you drink. Once, you have used all of your beer and food vouchers, you will have to purchase all additional food and drinks with cash. Do not leave before you have cashed out with the waitress at the end of your stay. Tip the waitresses generously for faster service.

How should I dress?

Dressing appropriately for the event will be the key to enjoying your time.

Wear comfortable shoes. Layer your clothing. It can be warm in the tents but chilly and cool outside. Bring a rain coat. This time of year it rains frequently in Munich. Do not bring cumbersome backpacks. They are not allowed in the tent.

Terms and Conditions for Oktoberfest sales

Empire Entertainment and Travel can only guarantee a reserved seat when the indicated reservation time is met.  Due to high demand, Oktoberfest tents honor only those seat reservations claimed for the scheduled time printed on the voucher. No Exceptions.

Empire Entertainment and Travel can not be responsible for late or no-shows. All sales are Final. No Refunds or Exchanges.  Empire Entertainmnet and Travel reserves the right to move you to a different tent on short notice to accommodate your party.

For additional Oktoberfest questions please call Empire Entertainment and Travel at (US Toll Free) 877-265-3600 (+1-404-846-8466), or contact us via email..

Empire Entertainment and Travel buys and resells Oktoberfest tent reservations on the secondary market. Prices may be above face value. We are not affiliated with nor are we the official Oktoberfest box office. We do not represent the host tents in anyway. You are purchasing tickets from a third party; neither Empire Entertainment & Travel nor Empire Tickets Inc. is the ticket seller. Ticket prices are set by the seller and may differ from face value. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds, transaction cancellations or exchanges will be issued for date/time changes or weather. Cancelled events will be handled on a case by case basis. All prices listed are in US dollars.

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