The highlight of this tent is the crossbow competition which began in 1895 and is steeped with Bavarian tradition.  Colloquially, this tent is referred to as the “Bull’s Eye tent”.  The proprietor Peter Inselkammer and his excellent team provide a high quality menu consisting of roast chicken, knuckles of pork or traditional sausages with sauerkraut. One should note, their livestock has been awarded the “ENVIRONMENT” GOLD PLAQUE by the Bavarian Ministry of State for the Environment for many years due to incredibly high standards.

There are over 300 staff working during Oktoberfest, specifically 30 staff working behind 5 bars, 150 waitresses and 40 cooks to cater to your every need. They are quick to serve you a Paulaner Beer from the Brewery of Munich which is delivered to the tent fresh each day.  This brew has original wort of 13.7% and an alcohol content of 6% which has a full-bodied taste that goes down smoothly. This beer is best characterized as having a sweet malt flavor with aromas of caramel and fresh bread with a slightly early hop. Additionally, there is wine, soft drinks, water or lemonade available at the tent.

All of this is paired with the revelry of the PLATZL Oktoberfestkapelle brass band to keep the party going!


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