This tent boasts an unusual history that began 134 years ago with the feat by Johann Rossler- the local butcher- of roasting an entire ox on a spit.  He designed a unique machine which he dubbed the “locomobile” which was mounted on four wheels coupled with a rotisserie paired with a revolving spit, an enclosure, and a smokestack.   Today, the roasted ox is just as tasty, maybe, even more so, and served in a variety of oxen specialties. It is now roasted on a modern revolving spit in which the outcome results in it being even more tender, juicier and thereby tastier.

The current management is Anneliese Haberl and her daughter Antje Schneider and they truly believe in the spirit of Oktoberfest and constantly strive to provide their guests with an incredible experience. Spaten is the beer of choice at this tent known for its aromatic, savory, gold colored brew. This brew has original wort of 13.7% and an alcohol content of 5.9% with a medium body and a smooth finish.  It is a crisp, firm beer with a taste that has hints of sweet from the malt combined with traces of caramel and a modest hops presence.  All of this adds up to make a very balanced and drinkable beer.

Bands are on rotation depending on the time with the brass beats of Ochester Karl Flauger with offerings at all times.  During the afternoon, the full bodied sound of the marching band focuses on the traditional Bavarian- Bohemian brass music of Siegertsbrunner Blasmusik which adds to the atmosphere.  Through the evening, the perfect mix of International pop music and “Oberkrainer Sound” and “Die Pucher” are a huge hit with all the guests.

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