We offer three different types of Oktoberfest Packages that will create a memory that will last a lifetime.

All of our Oktoberfest packages include:

  • Tent Reservation
  • Onsite German and English speaking contact
  • Hotel Ticket Package Delivery in Munchen or Personal Meet and Greet
  • Map and Oktoberfest information guide
  • Two large beers and a traditional food plate or the equivalent value in vouchers per person

Oktoberfest Packages

Our Oktoberfest Packages:

Oktoberfest “Big Tent” Packages by Date/Session:
With a “Big Tent” package, you choose a “lunch” or “evening” session on a certain date, and we’ll guarantee reserved seats at our choice of one of the big 14 beer tents based on availability. This reservation comes at a discounted rate.
Choose a date!

Oktoberfest Packages by Beer Tent:
These packages reflect current availability for specific tents on specific days.
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Custom Oktoberfest Packages:
Would you like a package custom tailored to you or your group’s needs? We would love to accommodate you.
Build a Custom Package!


Our Oktoberfest Package Add-Ons:

Oktoberfest Munich Hotels:
There is a wide range in types and quality of Hotels in Munich. We recommend using Booking.com, Trivago.com and Expedia.com to book your Oktoberfest Accommodations

Munich City Tours
We recommend taking a Bike Tour with Mike’s Bikes. Treat yourself to something special by joining up with the World Famous Mike’s Bikes to tour the city by bike or foot.





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