Paulaner Festzelt

The distinctive tower with the revolving Paulaner beer mug is a landmark of Paulaner Festzelt Winzerer Fähndl, and makes it self-evident the choice of beer that is served here.  Peter and Arabella Pongratz are proud to host various celebrities like the players of FC- Bayern and their followers, who choose to visit this tent due to the top-notch menu, hospitality and excellent service.  It is frequently called the most versatile and with a capacity of 10,900 guests it has a wide variety of guests.  Radio Charivari 95.5 tends to report live from this tent.

The Paulaner is a typical full bodied Marzen beer which features a light copper color with a sweet malt flavor balanced with a subdued hop which makes it a favorite.  Its original gravity is 12.5% by weight with the alcohol content of 5.8% by volume.  Drink up and don’t forget the delectable appetizers, snacks and main courses which specialize in ox, duck and veal. Don’t worry, they also have all of the  traditional Bavarian dishes that you love.

The boisterous Bavarian brass band sounds of “The Nockherberger” under the baton of conductor Konrad Aigner starts at noon which sets the tone for an entertaining tent.  Not only does this band offer the Wiesn classics but they also offer oldies and German pop.   Later in the evening, the Skandal aus Bayern kick it up a notch to get the party scene really in full swing. These five Bavarian musicians in lederhosen bring passion and excitement to the tent with a unique blend of the club music with a lot of comedic additions so all in the tent are guaranteed to have a fantastic time.

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