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This tent was the first “Shooters” tent at the Wiesn.  It was originally a place where competitive marksmen would shoot and drink the day away.  Under the sharp eyes, of Eduard and Claudia Reinbold this tent was newly built in 2015 and decorated with alpine geraniums on the balcony.  As a special treat, the Bavarian Sport Shooting Federation organizes its traditional Oktoberfest shooting within these built-in shooting ranges.

One thing, which has made this tent world-famous, is the Spanferkl-Surhaxerl , a suckling pig prepared in an authentic Bavarian manner in malt beer sauce, and served with potato-salad. It is even served in the traditional “lukewarm” Bavarian manner and will melt in your mouth. It is paired perfectly with the Lowenbrau featured at this tent. This brew has the original wort of 13.77% and an alcohol content of 6% which is medium-bodied with a mellow taste that has notes of honey sweetness in the aroma.   It has a clear golden color when poured it has a moderate foaminess with a medium to high carbonation content.  It is of note, that this is one of the rare tents that serves wine, beer and champagne.

The lively music of the “Niederalmer” (musical group) provide for a fun atmosphere and a great party environment.  If you would like something different then beer and are looking for something unique, then you picked the right tent. This tent has a top class indoor schnaps bar which serves up some of the finest selections of beverage to be offered at the festival.

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