Schottenhamel Spatenbräu

Founded in 1867, this tent claims the prestigious title of the oldest and the most traditional tent at Oktoberfest.  It is largest of all the festival tents with 10,000 seats. It is now in its fifth generation of family ownership, current proprietors are Michael and Christian Schottenhamel who carry on the proud tradition. On the Opening Day at Noon of the Wiesn, the mayor of Munich taps the first keg within this tent and calls out, “O ‘Zapft Is!” (It is Tapped!)  The barrel has been tapped and only after this point may any of the other tents begin to serve beer.

At this tent, Spaten is the beer of choice known for its aromatic, savory, gold colored brew. This brew has original wort of 13.7% and an alcohol content of 5.9% with a medium body and a smooth finish.  It is a nice, crisp beer with a taste that is sweet with malt coupled with hints of caramel and a modest hops presence which adds to the balance.

The music within this tent is considered top shelf!  It is provided by the longest serving musical ensemble, the Otto Schwarzfischer Band. This band plays a strong combination of Bavarian brass band music by day and popular party hits long into the night.

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