Kuffler's Weinzelt

The wine tent is well recognized for its fine selection of over 15 wines as well as several champagne varieties to pair with its excellent cuisine.  Proprietors Roland, Doris, and Stephan Kuffler preside over this cozy tent which hold close to 2000 guests that features unusual and elaborate decorations providing a rustic feel.

Under the careful management of Chef Freddy Gutierrez, this tent has a well- earned reputation for offering delicious Oktoberfest Delicacies such as Hendl, Haxn, and amazing duck specialties.  Additionally, gourmets love the cuisine choices listed on the menu which are featured from the various restaurants of the Munich Kuffler family.   For a special treat, parents like to stop by with their children for lunch where the little ones have their own menu cards with selected dishes offered at a “cheaper rate”.

The Fantastic Four are featured for your pleasure in this tent – The Snoops, the Hot Frogs, and Blechblos ‘n, and Hogl Fun Band.    The Snoops are a native party band from South Tyrol with a rock, pop style that is all about the revelry. They will be playing Monday to Thursday 14:30 to 16:30.  The Hot Frogs will be performing Friday to Sunday 11:00 – 16:30 with high energy combined with musical perfection that will be the highlight of your visit to the tent.  Finish the evening on a high note with Blechblos’n performing daily from 17:00 – 20:30 with the zany and crazy Bavarian brass band that combines its seven members talents with brass instruments and stage performance.  Since 2001, Hogl Fun Band has generated the Weisn fever for this tent and kept the energy high all through the night!

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