Hacker Festzelt crowd

The proprietors, Christl and Toni Roiderer, want their guests truly to feel like they are in “Bavarian Heaven.” The walls of the tent add to this feeling with nearly 13,000 square feet which display iconic scenes from Munich depicting the historical buildings all beneath a glorious blue Bavarian sky with white fluffy clouds.

It would seem obvious that the beer of choice of serving at this tent would be Hacker- Pschorr.  Its original gravity is 12.5% by weight with the alcohol content of 5.5% by volume. It is known for its intensive golden yellow hue in color with a rich aroma and it considered being rather malty for a lager.  The menu offered at this tent is directly in line with this traditional brew with generous-sized sausages, roasted chicken, crispy duck and cheese plates which pair excellently for a great meal.

Another highlight of this tent is its revolving bandstand which is featured in the middle of the tent with its retractable roof.  During the day, the Bavarian brass band “The Kirchdorfer” gets the tent ready for all the fun with high energy and classic drinking songs.   Starting at 5:30 pm each night, the legendary rock band “Cagey Strings” will add its own spin to classics through the night and keep you partying until late.


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