Crowd at Höfbrau Festzelt

Proprietors Gunter and Margot Steinberg encourage you to look for the two meter high golden crown topping this tent with a large HB underneath, and then you will know you are in the right place for this Bavarian tent which attracts international visitors from all over.  The seating capacity is about 7,000 inside and hovering over all is the large friendly figure of the most famous service man in the city, Aloysius, who is affectionately called “The Munich in Heaven”. Ask about the story of Aloysius, and I am sure you will enjoy it.  Make sure to appreciate the 12 quintals of hop which serves as the primary decoration of the tent as it is arranged into 30 large wreaths and attached to the balconies and all the main pillars.

There is no doubt which beer will fill the steins at this tent, the amber color of the Hofbrau is a full bodied beer which typifies a fine Oktoberfest brew. Hofbrau beer goes perfectly with typical Bavarian delicacies- roasted duck, Nuremberg Rostbratwurstl, and Spicy Bavarian sausage.  Take a moment to review the afternoon specials for traditional lunch options which each day feature something different like braised veal goulash, beef roulade and  Huhnerbrustgeschnetzeltes.

The Bavarian band -Plattlinger, under the direction of Alois Altmann, have been at this tent for many years.  They focus on a varied program of polka marches and classics which are their heritage since all of the musicians are from Lower Bavaria, Upper Bavaria and Upper Palatinate.

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