Fischer Vroni

In 1914, Karl Winter first offered “steckerlfische” at the Wiesn and it was an instant hit! If you have a desire for the unique while at the festival, then this tent with its 15 meter long row of fish skewered lengthwise could be a perfect fit for you. Each fish is a gutted whole fish which is arranged head down on a stick and grilled to perfection.  You have choices from mackerel, salmon trout, char or sea bass each of which is brushed with butter or marinade, and placed on a “steckerlfisch” stand over a charcoal fire.   This delectable fish is served with a small pretzel on the side.  Innkeeper Hans and Monika  Stadtmmuller continue this proud tradition each year and it is a favorite of the festival.

An excellent pairing  with this “steckerlfische” is a fine Augustiner brew.  This brew has original wort of 13.77% and an alcohol content of 6% which is medium-bodied with a mellow taste that is considered moderately strong.  It is a clear golden color with a bit of spiciness that can be found in Marzen beers.  Additionally, this beer goes well with all the other traditional meat dishes that are offered at this tent like duck, veal, chicken or even deer goulash.

Conductor Seppe Fogler und Seine Munchner Musikanten will provide all the traditional brass band sounds that you desire at the festival as you spend time in this tent.

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