It is the smallest of the big 14 tents and is well known for its quaint, rustic atmosphere which attracts celebrities from all over the world.  The menu is a top notch gourmet fare that is presented on wooden platters which delight the senses.  The traditional delicacy of the crispy fried Kafer’s duck is commonly requested along with other special Oktoberfest delicacies from the kitchen.

Proprietor Michael Kaefer has created an extremely special tent where everyone has a fantastic time. The attention to detail with the unusual antique decorations and elaborate floral arrangements set it apart from the other tents and make it a treat for all international visitors. This tent truly epitomizes the Kafer’s  motto “A passion for quality.”  This tent serves premium Paulaner brew. This brew has original wort of 13.7% and an alcohol content of 6% which is full-bodied in taste and goes down smoothly.  This beer is best characterized as having a sweet malt flavor with aromas of caramel and fresh bread with a slightly early hop.

With a brass band to liven up the atmosphere on each of the three levels of the tent, it is a great place to party and there is never any down time.  It is of note, that in contrast to the other tents which close much earlier, Kafer’s closes at 1 am with the last orders taken at 12:15 am.

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