Pschorr Festzelt

Since 1936, proprietors Georg and Renate Heide have been offering Bavarian hospitality with family tradition being their highest priority at this tent.  It is easily identified by its kaleidoscopic array featuring  two maibaums which are two large, blue and white striped colored poles displaying a spectacle of wooden doll- like  figures featuring traditional Bavarian dress on either side of the tent entrance.  The centerpiece at the middle of the tent is a tribute to the daughter of the tent owner, Herr Pschorr, for his daughter Rosl. The sign features her riding her horse with a beer in one hand in acknowledgement to her rides when she would go on late night ride drinking sprees. To many of the Munich regulars the tradition combined with the warm and friendly atmosphere results in both the locals and the visitors choosing to come back each year to this tent.

The steins at this tent are primarily filled with Hacker- Pschorr.  Its original gravity is 12.5% by weight with the alcohol content of 5.5% by volume. It is known for its intensive malty aroma which is full bodied, smooth and rich with an amber color that tempts the taste buds.  This fine brew pairs well with all the traditional Bavarian options like Wiener schnitzel, sausages, sauerkraut and any of your other favorites.

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