Löwenbräu Tent

This tent has been part of the festival since 1953. Boasting a thirty-seven meter high tower with the statue of a lion roaring and drinking beer, this iconic piece is your landmark that you are at the tent named for the “Lions Roar!”  About every minute, the mighty lion’s roars thunder through the tent. Proprietors Ludwig Hagn and Stephanie Spendler appreciate their regulars who come back each year, and take pride that they have built a permanent staff of employees which is in the 2nd and 3rd generations of family members.

Some of the regulars that you might recognize would be the TSV1860 Munich Soccer Team which is nicknamed “The Lion.” The team and their fans can be found frequenting this tent and it is a common meeting point as they share a Lowenbrau beer.  This brew has original wort of 13.77% and an alcohol content of 6% which is medium-bodied with a mellow taste that has notes of honey sweetness within the aroma.  It has a clear, golden color as it is poured it has a moderate foaminess with a medium to high carbonation content.

The 22 man band of Blaskapelle, under the direction of Bertl Hansmeiers, plays all the classics of the Oktoberfest that one would expect and are love and appreciated by all. This band has been playing since 1996 and they return every year to the Wiesn to continue the tradition with its electrifying brass band sounds.

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