In 2014, this tent was added to the festival. Its antique, carved wooden horses and majestic giant carriage above the entrance provides it a signature look.  Proprietors Siegfried and Sabine Abele declared it a “dream come true” when they were chosen to run one of the big tents.   With a seating capacity of over 4,000 this tent strives to achieve the highest quality every day.  It blends the traditional décor of Bavarian with their high-end cuisines.  Chef Hubert Kayr and his skilled team are sure to impress with an extensive menu which even offers delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes.

The name, Marstall, is a nod to the court riding school for horses which was a meeting point for aristocracy in the 19th century Munich which is why you see carved horses as décor throughout the tent.  The feeling of moving back in time as you share a Spaten with your friend is unforgettable. As the clear, amber drink with hints of caramel empties from the stein in a spirit of camaraderie and good cheer.  Additionally, the tent offers recommended beer pairings, non-alcoholic drinks and a wide range of fine wines and champagne.

Don’t miss the stage which resembles a carousel with brightly colored horses. The sounds of the world’s most popular Oktoberfest band will not be far away and should excite you as you hear the six likeable lads from Bavaria dubbed  Munchner Zwietracht through the day and night! A secondary band that will call to mind the Bavarian tradition with a brass band sound that is the perfect touch of rock and pop dubbed Die Oberbayern.

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