Oktoberfest at Night

When I went to my first Oktoberfest some years ago I was a bit nervous. Did I chose the right Lederhosen and did I put them on correctly? Or would some carelessly attached Accessory proof the Bavarian world, that I basically had no idea of its traditions?    

It was a beautifully sunny, blue and white day in Munich, so before me and my friends were to enter the tent, we took a short detour to the Bavaria Statue overlooking all of Theresienwiese. The air was so clear and the light so magnificent that we could see the contours of the Alps on the horizon. The air was mild, the sunshine warm and there was quite a Party going on at the Wiesn in these late afternoon hours.

I could hear all kinds of different languages around me and everybody was amazed by the atmosphere on the grounds of the world’s largest Volksfest. Approximately half an hour later, with tickets in hand, we steered for the Festzelt and our mood went down a peg when we saw the enormous queue that had lined up in front of the entry gates already. Luckily, we had made a table reservation! We passed the queue, walked to the tents rear where the reservation entrances are located and in under 5 minutes we took our seats in the tent. It was brilliant. Our table was placed on the side of the dancing area, belted by other brimful tables. Only a few moments later the first cool brews and delicious chickens were brought to our table and we lifted our jugs for the first Prosit der Gemütlichkeit of the young night. I started some exploratory walks after a while and I was overwhelmed by everybody’s kindness! A dance here, a peck there and always a Prosit der Gemütlichkeit when the brass band played the tune!

I experienced the same friendliness with the people at our neighboring tables, so after some time I was shown how to tie my original Haferl shoes in the right manner.

I have come to the Wiesn ever since. I meet friends I got to know in the past years and encounter new friends every time! Maybe this year it is going to be you! Who knows? Make sure you reserve your tickets early. I will definitely be around.


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